News: March 2016

Understanding, avoiding and recovering from ransomware attacks

Recently several of our clients have suffered attacks from a new form of malware. Known as "Ransomware", this form of attack locks your computers or your data and then demands a ransom be paid before you can be given back your own files. Typically this includes all document files which are fundamental to your company’s operation. As there are typically thousands of these files on local workstations and available via the network, the process of locking the files can take several hours. The virus may go undetected for this time until users attempt to open a locked file, or the locking process is complete and the ransom demand is delivered. Click through to read the rest of our short article on ransomware risk management and recovery.


Q3 2015 Offer: Managed services trial

Adams Consulting Group is offering clients a chance to experience the value of proactive monitoring and our managed services platform. Until 30 September 2015, new and existing clients can enjoy access to a dedicated monitoring and management console and up to 25 monitoring agents to install on workstations and server systems. This offer has now closed, but contact Adams Consulting Group to discuss your proactive monitoring requirements.


Windows 10 is here

On 29 July 2015, Microsoft released the newest version of its operating system, Windows 10, as a free upgrade for home users. Some business users, on the other hand, will need to pay for the upgrade. Windows 10 will be installed by default on new hardware going forward (although Windows 8 will still be available for some time), so businesses will need to come to grips with the new system and the changes it brings to corporate security, ubiquitous computing and new user experience. Read our in-depth review to learn more about Microsoft's newest Windows platform. Adams Consulting Group is able to support your business through the transition to a new operating system and can help smooth the process. Contact us to find out if you're eligible for a free upgrade.


Windows Server 2003 retired

With the recent release of Windows Server 2012, Microsoft continues to update its software and platform software offerings. Windows Server 2003, already reduced to limited support, was officially retired on July 14 2015. The most immediate effect this will have is that Microsoft will no longer be publishing critical security updates for this system. If your business still relies on this server system on even a single server in your network, you will find yourself becoming increasingly insecure. A single vulnerable server is all hackers need to get full access to your network, with all the implications this has for your proprietary and commercial information and your ongoing business operations. Call us for an obligation-free discussion of your vulnerability to attack and cost-effective ways to upgrade your server(s).


Skype for Business

In 2011, Microsoft purchased the venerable web conferencing company Skype for just under $9 billion. Microsoft was already active in the area of Voice Over IP internet telephony, with its Messenger and Lync applications being used by 330 million active users, but the Skype purchase brought Microsoft a recognised brand name and infrastructure for making calls from the internet client to landline and mobile phones. Now the integration of Skype into Microsoft's business telephony business is complete with the rebranding of their Lync software to "Skype for Business". At Adams Consulting Group we're big fans of Lync for instant communications, both internally and with clients. Skype for Business / Lync offers instant chat, voice conferencing, video conferencing and desktop and file sharing. The best part is that it's included in Microsoft Office 365 packages. If your company is already using Office 365, you have access to Skype for Business. Adams Consulting Group can assist you to implement Skype for Business in your organisation and train your staff to use it effectively.

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